What is my true potential? Am I going in the right direction? Does my contribution matter? Is there a purpose in what I am doing?

If it ever occurred that you asked yourself these questions, then I have good news for you – you are a vulnerable human being! And it is fine to feel that way, we are not made of stone. In the age where the pressure to succeed and search for the purpose have been clashing like never before, more and more talents are failing to find the right balance between the two phenomena and drop out of the corporate world to find an alternative way to self-realization which will make sense to them. And obviously this trend will only accentuate.

There can be a multitude of reasons that explain this situation. For instance, the culture of « hyper-efficiency » established in many organizations such as described by Roger Martin. It would influence the « system of evaluation, detection, and promotion of managers » in the companies. @LaurentChoain, chief people officer at Mazars, also speaks about a destroying effect that the organizations can have on a person’s self-esteem. However, the situation is fortunately not deadlocked.

Not later than yesterday I and many other employees @Mazars have dedicated one day to work for an NGO in terms of an action initiated by @probonolab. The main idea of the action is to put your skills at the profit of an organization that might need qualified expertise but does not have access to it. I have chosen to spend this day working for Vers Le Haut, a nonprofit which aims at raising a public debate in France about the future of education.

Beyond the fact that in itself it was a wonderful experience, there is one thing that was particularly interesting to me: the emotions expressed by the participants during the workshop (almost all employed by the big corporations). For many, it was the way to add purpose to their professional existence and realize that their contribution is valued and can have a direct impact on society – the feeling that a constantly growing number of people will be looking for.

A stronger social consciousness will probably become one of the factors which will make the businesses change their attitude to efficiency. When sense of purpose becomes a driver for personal self-esteem, in the world where attracting and retaining talent is a headache of any CEO, probono might contribute to further humanizing modern management practices.

▷ Auteur : Evgeny A. Lukin, Learning Experience, Innovation & Culture | Mazars University
▷ Source : Linkedin